Topics covered during the 12 weeks


  • Basics of nutrition- you’ll be able to spot a fad diet or useless supplement easily and never get ripped off again.
  • Tailored calorie and macro targets to suit your goal.
  • Achieving your goals through non-tracking methods.
  • Information on supplements.
  • Debunking nutritional myths.
  • Menopause and fat loss
  • How to enjoy nights out drinking and still lose weight.


  • †How to “tone up”
  • How many reps or sets is best
  • Training for hypertrophy
  • What exercise is best for fat loss.
  • Identifying the right kind of exercise for you.
  • Fitness challenges
  • The most effective exercise to burn calories
  • Styles of workout programming
  • How to “power up” your workout – increasing energy
  • Eating around training
  • Progressive overload


  • Goal setting
  • Mental preperation
  • Self Sabotage
  • Willpower and motivation
  • Habit formation
  • Symptoms of Eating disorders (note: if you know you have an eating disorder this programme isn’t for you).
  • How to prevent a binge.
  • Dealing with negative emotions
  • Gym fear – how to deal with the anxiety or nerves surrounding entering the gym.
  • Changing your relationship with food
  • How to talk about food around your children.
  • What to do after a binge.

Note: I am not offering CBT or coaching on eating disorders. You must seek help from a medical professional if you fear you have a disorder. Take a look at the website for help with this.

Mind Your Fitness Continued

Not everyone has a journey that they can complete in 12 weeks, therefore you can remain in the group as a paying member for as long as you wish at a reduced rate. In there you’ll find a whole library of information that includes everything you learned in the 12 weeks so that you can refer back to it whenever you want PLUS loads of new tutorials! These will be more advanced topics such as:

  • Mental health strategies: anxiety, focus, productivity, growth mindset.
  • Performance nutrition: Specified Macro teaching, supplementation around sport.

You’ll be part of a community that have been through the same process as you and have a good foundation of knowledge. You’ll be the ELITE. You’ll be able to have intellectual conversations about achieving your goals and be there to support others. You’ll find friends.

You’ll also still be able to check in with me whenever you need to. This will not only help to keep you accountable, but to ensure your goals stick. It means that when you’re ready to talk about that elusive “maintenance” that is actually HARDER than dieting itself, I can coach you so that you know how to keep it AND maintain a healthy mindset around it.

This will be at a lower rate of just £6.25 per week.

Teach people so well that they can leave you… Treat them so well that they won’t.