Other services

One off nutritional consults

One off nutritional consults – perfect for someone with the ability to go it alone.

Custom personal training plans – pending

Got your nutrition sorted but would like to get more serious about your training? I can help you overcome that gym fear and start celebrating your body for all that it can do.

Interactive workshops for organisations

Want to improve your employee’s wellbeing but dread the thought of them being forced to listen to a guest speaker for hours? I’ve got you covered.

My workshops include activities that allow your staff to learn about fitness, nutrition and mindset through FUN. They won’t be sat row by row, they’ll be on their feet, taking in part in interactive tasks that will leave them with practical applications for their lives!

I’ll answer the questions:

  • What is healthy eating?
  • How do I help prevent myself from illness?
  • What’s the best way to workout?
  • How do I stay motivated to care for my health?
  • And many many more.

Give them the tools to be able to walk away from it with newfound knowledge and a buzz of enthusiasm. They’ll be praising you for months!

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