What is Mind Your Fitness?

Mind Your Fitness is a program that integrates mindset, fitness and nutrition. It is a 12 week programme that aims to teach you everything you need to know, to never have to pay for something like this ever again.

There are four intakes a year. There are limited places per intake so that firstly, each of you will gain the level of coaching you deserve. The second reason is more of a selfish one in that I’d like to get to know you all properly and you can’t do that in a group that’s too large.

Places are allocated at first come first served.

You’ll gain:

  • An extensive amount of knowledge into fitness, nutrition and mindset topics surrounding health.
  • 24/7 access to the exclusive facebook group; a small intake of 50 people all learning the same thing and on the same journey.
  • 3-6 video tutorials each week on the three pillars of Mind Your Fitness (nutrition, fitness, mindset). Videos range from 5-15minutes each. You do not have to watch them all, you get to choose the ones you are interested in.
  • The power to achieve your goals and work them around YOUR lifestyle. The fun doesn’t have to stop for you to get the physique you desire.
  • Accountability.
  • Private mindset coaching from me for more sensitive topics.

Note: I am not offering CBT or coaching on eating disorders. You must seek help from a medical professional if you fear you have a disorder. Take a look at the website http://www.beateatingdisorders.org.uk for help with this.

Teach people so well that they can leave you… Treat them so well that they won’t.

So what happens afterwards?
I’m well aware that some people may have a longer journey than just 12 weeks. I also want to give people the opportunity to continue learning. The 12 weeks will have covered a lot of content, but there’s so much I would love to teach you all that I felt I needed to give you the opportunity to continue doing so.

Therefore, for a reduced rate you will continue to have access to the whole library of information that you learned in the 12 weeks so that you can refer back to it whenever you want PLUS loads of new tutorials!

You’ll be part of an ELITE community that have been through the same process as you and have a good foundation of knowledge. You’ll be able to learn more and even help others on their journey.

You’ll also have the option to check in with me in the group every two weeks. This will not only help to keep you accountable, but to ensure your goals stick. It means that when you’re ready to talk about that elusive “maintenance” that is actually HARDER than dieting itself, I can coach you so that you know how to keep it AND maintain a healthy mindset around it.

When Hannah asked to join my group I was so flattered. It’s almost a little more scary to show your newly launched business to someone who knows you well and all of your friends.

Me and Hannah went to school together, but we haven’t really spoken since. She had seen me promoting my business on Facebook and had obviously seen how my life has changed over the past few years. Little did I know she would become a godsend of a client.

Hannah has taken on board everything I’ve had to teach her and therefore made whopping progress. With non-scale victories such as entering the gym, conquering family bbqs, going out for Chinese with the family and making choices that don’t leave her feeling deprived whilst there… she’s taken everything into her stride for a life of continued health. I honestly couldn’t be prouder of what she’s achieved.

For more member successes take a look at the instagram page @mindyourfitness_members

Hannah, 27

Only 3 weeks into his journey here’s what Darren had to say:
“So far so good. Lost 8 pound in weight and starting to see some positive results in the mirror. Using calorie tracker makes you realise the hidden calories you consume during the day with the biscuit with your cuppa and a slice of ham or chunk of cheese before dinner. A real eye opener. I’m even planning and recording my beers after playing football before I even go. Now that’s progress! Boom!”

As you can see… for Darren it’s not been about cutting out what he loves. It’s been about being more mindful of quantities and making conscious decisions about how he can fit those beers into his day AND lose weight.

Darren, 53